New camgirl/nude blog under my stage name Bonnie Bathory. Order you private skype sessions, custom youtube vids, and check out my pubic nudes there!! IntimatePhotos will be taken down in a week.

Ms. Bonnie Bathory at your service

Here is my new NSFW blog. I’m going to start using this instead, I know it isn’t all ready yet, but bear with me please :3 I’m doing this all with my bear hands. I’m so excited about this page I can bearly stand it!! Follow this page if you want to see me bear ass naked. <3 

And yes, I will be starting to cam soon. More details will be posted on this blog!

Bear in mind, if you have anything pawsitively mean to say about this, I will not have anything to say to you<3

Anonymous asked:
My goodness let me get u pregnant! So lovely!!

Thanks but I’m not ready for kids!! That’s a big commitment!